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Select up to
3 samples to
try on at home
Schedule an at-home
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Sample At Home

  • Select up to 3 dresses to sample for $10
  • Try on at home
  • Shipping is on us (both ways!)
  • Receive a $10 credit when your Bridesmaids place their order
  • book now

Schedule a Sample Party

  • Select up to 5 dresses to sample
  • Connect with a Brideologist to coordinate an at-home party with you and your Bridesmaids
  • Throw a Bridesmaid party with your Brideologist
  • Try on dresses, get measured, and cheers!
  • book a party

Both Ways

  • Each Bridesmaid will have their dress arrive at their door within weeks
  • No hassle necessary.


  • We are making bridesmaid dress shopping easy.