About Us

Who We Are

Bubbling Brides has a mission.

We want to change the painful process of going Bridesmaid dress shopping.

Enough with those ugly Bridesmaid dresses. We are bringing fashionable choices at affordable prices while providing a fun shopping experience in the convenience of your own home.

Our Mission

We spent months finding the best dresses with fashionable styles and flattering silhouettes. We pride ourselves on offering different styles than other bridesmaid dress retailers.

We believe our customers shouldn't have to pay astronomical prices to get a dress they feel good about. By being an online retailer, we eliminate brick-and-mortar expenses and pass these savings along to you.

Time For a Change

Based on horrific personal experiences of our founder, Dayna Shay, we were set to change the underwhelming process. After all, the wedding process is supposed to be fun!

We are breaking the rules of how the Bridesmaid industry has previously worked with the hopes of bringing products and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Want to Join Our Team?

Want to become a Brideologist? We're hiring, Contact us at careers@bubblingbrides.com.

For general inquiries, please contact info@bubblingbrides.com.

For press inquiries or collaborations, please contact pr@bubblingbrides.com.