Help! My Maid of Honor is a Maidzilla!

We have all heard the horror stories or have seen reality television shows that feature brides and their absolute meltdowns that they can have leading up to or even on their wedding day. If you have ever been an unfortunate witness to a friend or family member being a bridezilla, you know how ugly it can get. But what if you are a bride and your maid of honor has become a maidzilla?

It may not be as common, but as the film Bridesmaids has shown us with the epic rivalry between Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne's character, things can get a little tough for the bride to handle sometimes. 
If you are experiencing your maid of honor being more pushy than helpful, it is your responsibility to tell her so. There are a many responsibilities that go into being a maid of honor, such as helping throw a bridal shower, putting together a girls night before the wedding and even helping the bride research things. However, something to remember is that it is not your wedding, it is your friends, and you are just there to offer advise, not make the final decision on centerpieces.

If your maid of honor is prone to stress under pressure, be sure to remind her to relax and that she cannot be prepared for everything. On the wedding day, she is the go-to girl for questions, and sometimes it can get a bit hectic. Make sure that the woman you pick to be your maid of honor is responsible and level-headed, and you may be able to avoid a maidzilla all together. If the 'zilla does begin to rear its ugly head, though, its best to speak to your maid of honor in private. Gossiping or complaining to the other bridesmaids is about the worst thing you can do, especially if it all comes back to your maid of honor. Remind them gently that it is your wedding, and you'll take her advice when you ask for it. Most importantly, try not to stress yourself out if this becomes an issue – just take care of it before it gets any worse.

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