Wedding Wednesday: Bethany and Corey's Glamorous Wedding Prep

Sometimes we just have to change things up a little. The same old things get boring. For this Wedding Wednesday, we'd like to do it different. We'd like to focus on the wedding prep. Getting ready is half the fun. It's amazing for the Bride to be with her family and her Bridesmaids as everyone tries to look their best. Although this is all about the glam-time, we'd like to wish a big Congrats to Bethany and Corey. 

First thing first. Before the big day, the Bride and Groom must get their guests excited with their wedding invitations and save-the-date cards. Bethany asked her Bridesmaids with little notes. Her Bachelorette party invites were super fun with the leopard print. All the guests were waiting anxiously for the big day. 


Bridesmaid Dresses Hanging With Wedding Dress

The Bridemaid's gowns hung on their customized hangers that they were given as gifts. The coral color popped nicely again Bethany's wedding dress. They were able to mix and match styles amongst the different maids. Each girl got to pick their own dress. This way, the girls could feel comfortable in their dress. 


Bridal Jewelry and diamond necklace

Something borrowed and something blue! Bethany was given this pin that had on two rings that were meaningful to her. This was great to pin under her dress. The diamond bracelet, necklace and earrings were all borrowed from her Grandma. It's truly something special to see jewelry passed on from generation to generation. Special jewelry never goes out of style. Let's not forget about the Bride's blue undies.  

Bridesmaid Robes First Look

The Bridesmaids relaxed throughout the day as they sipped their mimosas. For their Bridesmaid gifts, they were given personalized robes for them to lounge around in. As Bethany stepped out for her first look, her face was glowing. The Bridesmaid's eyes lit up as this beauty came out. 


Groom and Groomsmen Bow Tie

While the ladies were doing their hair and make-up, the Groomsmen were busy straightening their bowties. They were getting prepped with the Groom. These men looked as handsome as could be. 


Bridesmaids Lending A Hand

In order to keep things looking perfect, the Bridesmaids and Maid-Of-Honor trailed behind the Bride assuring that her white dress stays spotless. It takes a team to look this good (no joke!). 


Bridesmaids Blush Colored Dress

Once the Bridal party made their way by the ocean, the Bridesmaid dresses changed from coral to blush color. It's amazing what sunlight can do to colors! Their bouquets mixed with greens, pinks, and reds were bundled with a stripe ribbon wrapped around the stems. The Bride's veil hung naturally around her shoulders.

Bridal Party On Ocean

The wedding was about to begin. The whole Bridal party skipped off to the ceremony. The wedding was about to begin. The music started playing and the rest was history. Congrats again to these lovebirds, Bethany and Corey. 
For additional photos, please visit Dan Stewart Photography, where this wedding was photographed. 

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