5 Bridesmaid Dress Color Combos That Look Gorgeous

Boring dresses are from the days in the past! It's time to mix it up for something exciting. All dresses don't have to be the same dress in the same color. Instead, try one of these 5 color schemes that are nothing but ordinary. 

1. Autumn spice and everything nice

These deep and dusty hues in maroon, rust, and lilac make the perfect combo for a Fall-inspired wedding. 



2. Shimmering nudes and blush

The skin tones mixed with a hint of metallic make for elegant, but soft bridesmaid dresses. The embellishment has a vintage edge. 



3. Something blue

Something old, something new, and something blue! Deep royal and teal tones work well with every complexion. These dresses will be suited for everyone. Mix in some prints as well!



4. Stay cool in sherbet tones

Corals, peaches, and frosty pinks will be all the range for that Summer wedding. These colors pop against soft colored flowers. 



5. Berries and wine for a good time

Rich shades of berry, wine, lilac, and blush are flattering and feminine. These tones will keep everyone looking beautiful. 


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