Wedding Wednesday: Fun and Spontaneous

This Wedding Wednesday, we'd like to present the wedding of Dana and Brian, which we call "Fun and Spontaneous."  Congrats to this Bride and Groom on their new marriage. We wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Bridesmaids Getting Ready
This Oregon wedding features a fun couple with an upbeat spirit. This looks like a party to us! Every picture has someone laughing and smiling. It all started with the Bridesmaids getting ready. They were bursting with laughs!


Wedding Save the Date

But before we go into the actual ceremony, let's take a step back. Check out this Save the Date. If you don't feel the energy from this, then something is wrong. This Save the Date would have us anxiously counting down the days for the wedding!


Ceremony Umbrellas

This Bride thought of everything! On this glorious, sunny day, Asian-inspired umbrellas were passed around keeping guest cool. This was such a unique wedding favor.


Excited Bride and Groom

Oh my, is this shot just beautiful! Without even showing the Bride and Groom's face, you can tell they are thrilled. Look at the back of Dana's dress! The embroidery detail and ruffles are feminine and easy.


Fun Wedding Crowd

Gangs' all here! Everyone is having a blast for the reception with a mountain in the background. It's not everyday where all your guest are up having a grand time with you. This was a moment to cherish. 


Bride and Groom Feet

The night is coming to an end as the Bride and Groom sit back and take it all in. Brian's socks really show his personality, while Dana's shoes remain delicate like her dress. Off they go! 

Congrats again to Dana and Brian!

For additional photos, please visit American Virus, where this wedding was photographed. 

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