5 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Fall Wedding

Are you falling for Fall? Fall is such a great time of year for a wedding. Rich leafy colors fill the ground and the temperatures cool down. If your wedding is soon, here is a list of 5 things to take advantage of this wonderful time of year...

Fall Wedding Ceremony

1. Forget cake. Have pie. 

Cake is delicious, but slightly overdone. Pie on the other hand is refreshing. Put a pretty design or your monogram on top! Love the look of these pies featured here


2. Keep within the theme and have some Fall party favors.

Everyone loves a good party favor. Martha Stewart has some excellent ideas for some creative and tasty options. 


3. Take advantage of the leaves and early sunsets.

What is more romantic than having the sun set in the background of all your photos? Cherish this backdrop like this photo here


4. Know what's in season.

For this time of year, there are plenty of flowers that are in season. These will be readily available and affordable.  


5. Serve a take on cider.

Apple cider is the signature drink for the Fall. Make your wedding's signature drink something cider-related. There are plenty of options for you here.

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