Wedding Wednesday: Backyard Wedding in Maryland

A sentimental, family affair to remember is the perfect way to describe Jess and Richard's Maryland wedding. Family mementos were included throughout the day and family members played key roles in the day (even the dog was in attendance)!

Ever since she was a little girl, Jess dreamed of getting married in her grandparents' backyard. Her wish came true on the happiest day of her life, and Jess tied the knot to the man who had been her best friend since they were 16 years old. 

The wedding was even officiated by a family member, the husband of Jess's cousin, who the couple knew was the perfect choice. 

Jess and Richard wrote their own vows separately, so Jess was completely surprised to find out that all of Richard's sweet words rhymed!  The couple exchanged rings, Jess's made of diamonds from her late grandmother's engagement ring. 

Jess was supported by her four beautiful bridesmaids that rocked the mismatched bridesmaid look. All the women wore long bridesmaids dresses with varying pale hues, designs, and necklines. 

After the Mr. and Mrs. were introduced they put their own spin on tradition and had the wedding toast before even recessing out of the ceremony! Jess's two best friends from grade school made the champagne toast to the happy couple. 

The day was filled with natural greenery and deep green hues. The happy couple chose a fern theme for their invitation suite. Fern print lined the inside of the envelope and even the stamps were filled with ferns. 

The ceremony was filled with natural greens. The plants decorated the aisle, were in the bouquets, and lined the tables at the reception. 

The reception had a garden party theme. Long tables were decorated with clean, white linens to contrast the natural colors of the outdoors where the reception was held.

Guests tore up the dance floor, posed for funny pictures, and ended the night eating delicious desserts. Jess and Richard offered three cake varieties - vanilla, chocolate, and funfetti with sprinkles. Richard is a pie eater, so guests also had two varieties of pie to choose from! For guests with a sweet-tooth it was the perfect way to celebrate. 

Congratulations to Jess and Richard! 


Article by: Emily Rochotte, Wedding Extraordinaire

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